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You’ve honed your creative skills, but maybe there’s something holding you back from your creative goals.

Perhaps you don’t even know what your goals are now that you have the art/fashion/music/theater degree and you are on your own. Or quite possibly you want to pick up a new skill or return to one and you’re backed up in doubt.

Introducing a workshop series for artists and creative entrepreneurs by Anna Lee of Workerby (pronounced worker-bee), which was founded on the principle that not only is there honor in a job well done, but there is importance and respect in every task required to make something happen.  Each workshop is set up to build skills for the creative mind and take some of the mystery away from finding success as a creative beings.

Workshops are each 2 hours and involve guided meditation, group discussions, and tangible solutions for tackling your creative hurdles.

Watch Anna Lee’s talk on the Surreal during a recent Creative Mornings event here.


Monday April 15th- Guest Speaker at Stampede, a Meetup for the Young, Determined, and Restless

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Saturday, May 11th in Minneapolis, MN- Building Your Body of Work- register here

Sunday, May 19th in Fargo, ND- Building Your Body of Work- register here

For those of us seeking a deeper sense of self and connection to our creativity, Workerby presents a workshop for Gray Matter Series, Building Your Body of Work.

This workshop includes a three-hour group session, plus a one-hour Creative Guidance Portrait Session ($120 value) from Anna Lee before the workshop, which will be scheduled once registration is confirmed.

During these two sessions we will:

*Learn how to work with our body knowledge, chakra system, and the cycles of nature to listen to ourselves and gain understanding of our creative process.

*Build a map of our creative life: where we have been, where we are, and where we want to go.

*Cultivate trust within ourselves by learning how to embody our creative practice.

Cost: $145

More about Creative Guidance Portrait Sessions: Each Portrait Session is 45-60 minutes, and is an intuitive reading focused on your creativity, hurdles, areas of focus, and a great time to get clarity on where you are at, and what your next steps may be. Each session is different, so you may end up with a likeness of your physical self, or it may be words, symbols, or all of the above. 

More about Gray Matter Series: Body of Work: Body of Work is about the connections between our bodies, our creativity, and nature. There are times for growth, times to bloom, and times to rest. As we head into spring, it's time to celebrate new life and the outward expression of our creativity. How will this manifest for you?

This next chapter of Anna Lee’s collaborative series features one-of-a-kind floral crowns and accessories made from paintings and illustrations by Miss Lee, as well as the limited-edition Elixery lipstick colors Ruby and Rosa. Additional collaborators include Lauren Krysti PhotographyFatima Olive Beauty, and House of Gina Marie.

The Gray Matter Series Mission: The Gray Matter Series is about finding the middle ground between the polarization within ourselves (and our greater communities) through expression of sometimes conflicting concepts and emotions. Through these collaborations, we find beauty in the complexities of the modern human experience and peace in knowing we are not alone.

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