You’ve honed your creative skills, but maybe there’s something holding you back from your creative goals.

Perhaps you don’t even know what your goals are now that you have the art/fashion/music/theater degree and you are on your own. Or quite possibly you want to pick up a new skill or return to one and you’re backed up in doubt.

Introducing a workshop series for artists and creative entrepreneurs by Anna Lee of Workerby (pronounced worker-bee), which was founded on the principle that not only is there honor in a job well done, but there is importance and respect in every task required to make something happen.  Each workshop is set up to build skills for the creative mind and take some of the mystery away from finding success as a creative beings.

Workshops are each 2 hours and involve guided meditation, group discussions, and tangible solutions for tackling your creative hurdles.



Anyone who has worked on a project for free or has collaborated with other creatives with no monetary exchange can tell you some projects pay dividends beyond what money can offer and some projects leave you depleted and resentful.

Learn about the different forms of currency beyond cash, and how to become aware of the ways you are spending that currency.

We'll make a budget for your creative endeavors that will empower you to determine if that “exposure” is actually worth it. (Hint: sometimes it is!) And yes, we will talk about how to price your work and your time as well. 

Please bring a writing utensil.

Tuesday, May 8th- 6-8pm Featured Workshop of Rourke Art Academy in Moorhead, MN, Register here

Saturday, May 12th- 10am-12pm at Byrd & Belle Headquarters in Minneapolis, MN, Register here