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Current and Upcoming:

November 24th- December 23rd 2018

collective paintings 2018.jpg

Collective Paintings by Anna Lee at the fitting room in Minneapolis.

The Collective Paintings are meant to be seen as a whole, and received as individual parts, which can stand on their own. This allows for a collective of people to support the larger statement of the painting, while being able to give or receive a part of. These seemingly fragmented works of art encourage connection, and can be seen as modern-day friendship necklaces for the art-loving crowd.

December 8 & 9, 2018

GMS Fall 2018 redefining ophelia.jpg

Popping up at the Rourke Art Gallery and Museum during their Third Annual Holiday Market, Gray Matter Series: Sense of Self by Anna Lee; a collection of custom hats, collective paintings, artistic scarves, and limited edition custom lipstick, and ongoing viewing of the art/fashion film produced for the collection. Both Saturday and Sunday from 1-5pm.