If you are on the verge of a new creative project or venture, or even just feeling a little overwhelmed or lost, Creative Guidance Sessions are an excellent way to get clarification on your ideas and connect deeply to your artistic soul.

photos by Liz Anderson

photos by Liz Anderson

Each Portrait Session is 45-60 minutes, and is an intuitive reading focused on your creativity, hurdles, areas of focus, and a great time to get clarity on where you are at, and what your next steps may be. Each session is different, so you may end up with a likeness of your physical self, or it may be words, symbols, or all of the above.

Follow-up sessions are also available for creative accountability . These include a 60 minute goal setting session, and 30 or 60 minute accountability sessions, based on need.


If you are interested in booking your portrait or follow up session, you can set that up HERE.

Sessions are online via Zoom. In-person portrait sessions have a longer wait time, but are a possibility if you are based in Minnesota. Contact me for availability.

Questions? Drop me a line.